frequently asked questions

Firefighting and EMS

How do I become a volunteer firefighter?

Reach out to a local volunteer department and ask to join as a member. Candidates are typically issued turnout gear, other personal protective equipment and a list of meetings and training dates. This is a good way to find out if firefighting is something you are serious about pursing.

What are the requirements to apply to a department as a career firefighter?

Municipalities typically have their own requirements. Some examples are:

- Be a US Citizen

- Be a high school graduate, may require 18 years or older

- Have a valid driver’s license 

- CPAT test to ensure their physical well-being. Please follow the link to the CT Fire Academy to learn more about this test.

- Be a certified Emergency Medical Technician

How do I find out about career firefighting positions?

Watch your local newspapers for postings, check municipal web pages and consider registering for the CFPC Listserve  for email announcements. Please note not all positions are posted in all of these locations.

How do I enroll in an Emergency Medical Technician Course?

Check the COURSES section on our web page for a link to our classes


Check the Department of Public Health web page. Follow this link to education and training to find out what classes are being offered in your area.

Will I receive State of Connecticut certification for courses I attend at the Fairfield Regional Fire School?

State of Connecticut Certification is course dependent. Please check the course description to clarify.

Vehicle Donations

Can I donate my vehicle to the school for training?

Yes, we encourage and appreciate vehicle donations. While we accept most vehicles, some may not be eligible for donation due to their size. Vehicles can be old or new, in good or bad condition. The most important thing is to bring a title free of liens with you when donating your vehicle. If your vehicle is older than 1996, we do not require at title. 

It is best to call the school at (203) 254-4708 ahead of time to make drop off arrangements. If your vehicle does not run and you are in the local area, we may be able to help make arrangements to get the car to our facility. Please call to inquire about this service. 

All car donations must have personal belongings and license plate(s) removed. 

In the days following the delivery of the vehicle and title, a letter will be mailed to you acknowledging your donation for tax purposes. When you drop off the paperwork be sure to include the name and CURRENT mailing address of the donor if it does not match the title. 

The Fairfield Regional Fire School does not assign a monetary value for your donation; our letter merely recognizes your donation and provides you with our Tax ID number.